Introduction and a few questions!


5 Years
Apr 10, 2014
Arlington, TX
Hello all!

My name is Avery and I live in Texas. I'm new to chicken raising though I have done a ton of research!
I ordered my chicks off of and I am very happy with company! I received my chicks on Tuesday

My cute little chicks are an Easter Egger (Fern), Silver Laced Wyandotte (Mabel), Barred Plymouth Rock (Lily), Buff Orpington (Abigail), and a Buff Silkie (Beatrice). All females.

So, all has been great the past few days except for a little bullying. Fern is the main bully, she will peck at the wings of all the other chicks (like she's pulling out their fluff), mostly pecks Mabel though. Should I be worried? Anything I can do about it? Their brooder is a 50 gal. rubbermaid, so they have plenty of room right now, and a red heat bulb.

Thank you!

Well, If the pecking is overly aggressive then you may need to separate fern from the rest until he/she straightens up. But remember, Chicks use their beaks like their hands. They peck at everything, even each other. When my chicks were younger, they would peck at each others down to. It's probably nothing to worry about, but if it gets aggressive or if any blood is drawn, you should separate them.
Welcome to the site. I too am using a 50 gal Rubbermaid tub and mine are 2.5 weeks old today. Amazing how fast they grow and i hope it warms up soon so i can get them outside in the coop. They are quickly outgrowing the tub. Had to put a wire top on it just to keep them in.
Yes, it's so crazy how much I've noticed their growth in 3 days! Are a lot of their feathers grown in by 2.5 weeks?
Even though mine are still tiny I've got a lid ready to go when it's needed. Which will be soon I guess!

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