Introduction Success!


10 Years
Nov 18, 2009
Lugoff, SC
I have been successful in introducing a wounded hen back to a flock. The funny thing is that it wasn't her original flock! She was grown from a batch that I had ordered which arrived 2/21/11. She is a Delaware hen and her injury occurred when a RIR roo kept mounting her and pecking her head til it bled. Eventually we pulled her out to an isolation kennel and let her heal over 3 months or so. Upon trying to reintegrate her to the same flock, the roo resumed his abuse so we took her out after 24 hours. Several weeks have gone by and her head is again healed. I have another flock that is a year older and thought I would try her with them instead. Initially, the only roo in that flock mounted her right away but didn't peck. Three days later she has been accepted by the girls and has NO open/bleeding headwound!! WooHoo!!

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