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  1. JayZay

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    Mar 6, 2018
    Friday Harbor, WA - USA
    Hey everyone,
    I thought I'd just do a little introduction since I'm new to the forum and the whole quail world.
    My wife and I had been doing research for a while and had started constructing a hutch about a month ago, all while trying to source where we could find chicks, which had proven to be tricky because we live on a small island in the pacific northwest. Luckily we kept looking on Craigslist and came across an ad in our region for chicks that were going to be hatched and for sale by the end of the month. We liked the color varieties in the pictures that were shared, and were given a lot of good advice as well - turns out that the seller was the forum user Paneubert :D.
    Yesterday was the big day and we hopped on the ferry to go see the chicks, and oh man they were so cute. We ended up with 8 chicks of all different color varieties and had them set up in a small box with a hand warmer under the pad. We were initially worried about transportation since it was going to be about a 6 hour trip with the ferry, but they stayed nice and warm and were eating quite a bit.
    We got them set up in the brooder and they adapted well, but later in the evening one of the smaller chicks was looking weak and wasn't very responsive, and he didn't end up surviving through the night. Everyone else is doing great though, and I thought I'd share some photos of the chicks, as well as the hutch they'll be moving into in the future.
    Thanks for reading! I'm excited about the forum and always look forward to reading new posts and learn new things.
    -Jason and Monika

    All Seven - Day One.jpg IMG_1283.jpg IMG_1253.jpg IMG_1314.jpg IMG_1316.jpg IMG_1255.jpg
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  2. Farmer Connie

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    Feb 28, 2017
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    woot.jpg Nice intro!

    welcome wagon.gif
  3. Plip

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    Apr 28, 2010
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    Welcome to BYC and the quail forum! We live near Blaine, not far northeast of you.

    Your setup looks great! You obviously did your research.

    There's a lot about your feeder I love. especially the large capacity and the easy access. One thing you'll find, though, is that quail are frustratingly messy eaters. They seem to throw a mouthful (at least) of food around for every bite they eat. You'll end up with a pile of feed under where the feeder is. You might, at some point, want to explore a mess-free modification, which might be as simple as replacing the open trough portion of the feeder with pipe that has holes drilled in it just large enough for the quail to insert their heads. That's just a suggestion.

    Thanks for sharing this. It really is a well-thought-out setup!
  4. penny1960

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    Dec 29, 2015
    Mossyrock, WA
    Wow thanks for the photo's I am in Mossyrock down the road a bit Welcome to all of you humans also to Backyard Chickens we have a great Washington state thread also
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  5. Akrnaf2

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    Jul 5, 2014
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    Shalom and Wellcom!
    That is a very clean coop!
    I wonder if it will stay so in 6 months ! :lol:
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  6. Wellsken

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    Mar 29, 2018
    Burley Idaho
    WOW! That's a great setup! I am super impressed!
    Welcome to the forum! Good luck in your quail raising adventures.
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  7. mdees88

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    Mar 15, 2018
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    Nice setup. I really like the waterer.... and the sliding door.

    The only thing that may cause you some trouble in the future is the 1/4" wire floor. It should work great for smaller chicks but once they're grown I'm not sure if their poop will fall through.

    Don't know first hand but I used 1/2" wire and some of my quails droppings get stuck occasionally.

    Curious to know how the water cups work out for you. I use nipples but have wanted to try out the cups.

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  8. Glad I was able to hook you up with some chicks. If you need to trade any out or replace the one that died, you know where I am! Not that it is a quick trip, but offer still stands!
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  9. JayZay

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    Mar 6, 2018
    Friday Harbor, WA - USA
    Thanks for the warm welcomes everyone, and also for the comments and suggestions regarding the hutch.
    We're already starting to realize how messy of eaters these little guys are, and I imagine it only gets worse when they're larger :p.
    I did have a pvc feeder setup with holes at the beginning but it was a "t" shaped design and the feed wasn't transferring very well, which is why I shortened it up and made it "L" shaped. Maybe I should have left some holes in it, but this will definitely be a trial and if it doesn't work out I'd definitely consider a design that is more efficient.
    And thanks Matt for the heads up regarding the hardware cloth size - I didn't really consider how large their droppings were, and was thinking it might be more comfortable on their feet compared to 1/2", fortunately I've got a bunch of left over 1/2", so if the 1/4" isn't working out I'll switch it out.
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  10. JayZay

    JayZay In the Brooder

    Mar 6, 2018
    Friday Harbor, WA - USA
    Thanks! We appreciate the offer :thumbsup I think we're happy with the number we have, but will let you know if we change our minds.

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