Happy Holidays. I am brand new to the chicken game. I just bought my first chicks that are now one week old. I am looking for tips and answers to questions. The
Hi welcome to BYC. One tip is to keep their heat lamp on constantly during the first week, then decrease the temperature of the brooder bit by bit until they are fully feathered (85 degrees the second week, 80 the third, so on). One tip I learned is if the chicks are huddled together, it is a bit cold in the brooder, and if they are in the opposite corner as the heat lamp or panting, then they are hot. I've raised chicks a couple of times and this rule of thumb really helped me in keeping them happy and healthy. Also, keep an eye on their water because they really like to kick hay up into it; maybe even elevate it a bit off of the ground so this doesn't happen
Great news about your new babies. :ya :wee

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