Jun 14, 2022
Hello everyone! My name is Chris and I grow pastured broilers and pasture-raised layers. My current flock size is 80 & I primarily grow cornish cross broiler hens. My favorite aspect of raising backyard chickens is definitely the animal husbandry aspect of getting to know my birds and how I can best manage them to ensure they're all happy chickens! Hobbies outside of the flock and our birds mostly consist of cave exploring and hiking, outside of those few things I spend most of my time being a student at UGA. My mother is a vegan, as has been for the better part of this past decade, and she loves rescuing wild animals and healing them back into the wild. She currently has a pet squirrel named chi-chi who is absolutely awesome to have around the house. I'm excited to share my experiences and learn about everyone else's backyard flocks! I learned about backyardchickens from a good friend of mine who is a Ph.D. in poultry science.

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