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Jun 22, 2022
Hello! My name is Noelle and I got my chickens around two years ago. I currently have three chickens named Spice Girl, Snowball, and Sugar. Spice Girl and Snowball are white silkies. Sugar was given to us after the members of her coop were sadly killed by a wild animal, so we don’t know her breed. I love just sitting outside and watching them walk around, shake up their feathers, and peck at the grass. We also have a dog named Ro, and he and the chickens just chill together, they really don’t care about each other, and kind of act like the other doesn’t exist. I discovered BYC from my friend who also has chickens. It actually saved Snowball’s life after we discovered weird yellow bumps on her feet, turning out to be mites. What pushed me to join was when we got Sugar. I really wanted to know what breed she was, and my friend reminded me about this website! I had done a lot of research about mites afterward, and thought maybe I could share some of this knowledge.

This is Spice Girl, sleeping on the bench instead of her coop.
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