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Jul 3, 2022
Hey everyone! Just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Lauren. Me and my husband are both 28, live in central Alabama and have been married almost 5 years (together total of 10) and have 2 dogs, 2 cats, and 4 ball pythons (also looking to get a leopard gecko and blue tongue skink shortly). We currently do not have any children but hope to change that in the very near future. We are also looking to add to our collection of animals and are wanting to get some chickens. We don't have any currently but wanted to learn everything we can before bringing any home. So far I think we will be getting 4-6. The breeds I am looking into are Australorp, Plymouth Rock, and Rhode Island Reds which seem to be the easiest for beginners per what I've read so far but I haven't made any final decisions yet. (side note - can you mix those breeds in a flock?) I'm eager to start my flock for fresh eggs and as a hobby! I know I have several friends, family and neighbors that will also enjoy the benefits of fresh eggs. I enjoy the lake, reading and spending time with family/friends. I am a home health physical therapist assistant and often have patients give me fresh eggs and I am excited to finally have my own! My husband is a full time 911 operator and also spends his "off" days as a Realtor. We both love animals and everyone always jokes we have our own zoo. I had a neighbor recommend this group after I asked in my neighborhood FB group questions about chickens. I joined to learn as much as I can before we add to our zoo and so I can get good tips, tricks and advice.
Hello and welcome to BYC! :welcome
You should be fine mixing in those breeds together. The only breeds that might have trouble fitting in is bantams and chickens with head feathers, like a polish or silkie. It also depends on the personality of each chicken. I should also say that RIRs tend to be more of a bully sometimes.
Sounds like you have quite the menagerie!

I think mixed flocks are great, and the ones you are considering sound like they should mix well. Of course, all chickens are individuals, and while they SHOULD do well together, it's always possible they won't. Also, watching them figure out their pecking order can be stressful, but necessary. I still cringe a bit when I watch my senior diva girl hand out pecks on the head to her flock mates.

This is a great group of folks who know lots about poultry and are always willing to help in any way they can.

Welcome to BYC; hope you get your chickens soon!

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