7 Years
Nov 2, 2012
Hello all,

My name is Chad Cox and I am new to the BYC forum. My wife and I live in Elverta CA (rural Sacramento county) and have a mixed flock of 16 chickens. We are hoping to learn some new tricks of the trade for raising chickens and also have a light Brahma rooster that we unfortunately need to find a home for. Looking forward to chatting with everyone!

Chad Cox
Greetings from Kansas, Chad, and
! Happy you joined us! Sounds like you have a good set up going. On your it you're not allowed to have him or just don't want him? A rooster can be good for a flock of hens to preserve the pecking order, settle squabbles, and to take on potential threats. Just something to think about. Best of luck to you!!
Thanks for the welcome everyone! In response to redsoxs: We already have one rooster and one of our neighbors is not so happy about us having another, although we do like him. While we are "allowed" to have him we figure it would be better to try and keep the peace since we just moved a few months ago... Hopefully we can find him a home where he won't get eaten!
Hello and welcome to BYC
Glad you joined us!

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