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7 Years
Nov 3, 2012
Hello Peoples, I am new to chickens, but not owning and caring for exotic birds and doing wildlife bird rescue.
I love bird watching and learning about avian science. I have 2 grown kids and have been married for 26 years!

My name is Ceci and I live in Gilbert, AZ. I am owned by two Belgian Shepherd dogs, one Amazon Parrot and six hens who live in a chicken run I made on the side of my house. There are two coops , and a shade tree. I have 1 sweet Speckled Sussex, 3 Black Australorps, 1 Mille Fleur, and one Silver Polish. The pullets were hatched in March 2012 and have survived their first summer. I allow them to free range on the lawn about 2 hours a day, and feed them lots of garden veggies that we don't use along with laying pellets, scratch, oyster shell and grit.

My problem is that they are not laying very many eggs. I am lucky to get two eggs a day. I was expecting more like 5 eggs a day. They are healthy, don't seem to be molting and I don't think the weather has changed too drastically lately. Any suggestions?

. Daylight hours have been reduced drastically so not getting lots of eggs this time of year is not unusual.
Hello and welcome to BYC
Glad you joined us!
Greetinfs from Kansas, Ceci, and
! Great to have you here! I agree with other posters about why you aren't getting lots of eggs right now. Should pick once the days start getting longer (or adding light to the coop). Good luck to you!
I have two hens about the same age. One lays and the other does not. I have two other hens who are molting. Im in the same boat with my Black Australorps, she is the one not laying or molting. Im not sure why but you are not alone :) I think im just going to wait it out till spring and hope they all start laying.

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