6 Years
Sep 12, 2013
Hello. My name is Michelle and am happy to join the BackYard Chickens Forum! For years now I have wanted to raise chickens and we finally commited this year on April 1st. Prior to purchasing our six, white leghorn chicks at our local farm and feed store I spent several weeks researching everything I find about raising egg layers. All of my current knowledge was gained right here on this site. I must say, this is by far the best site I found!

Being able to read posts and articles from real, experienced chicken owners and experts is so helpful and reassuring.

So, my 5 month old little bitties have been doing exceptionally well :) they are very friendly, as we babied them very much and started laying eggs right on time. No problems whatsoever until now. About a week ago we noticed a couple of black scabs on one of their combs. Thought maybe she cut it on the fence or was pecked. Now all of them haveit. Of course I came right back here to see what it could be. Looks like fowl pox in comparison to other pics I found here on the site. I do feel better in reading that it is not contagious to humans and will go away in time. I liked the suggestions about giving them vitamins and electrolytes to boost their immune systems. Currently they are only fed dumors complete crumble n layer, as it states on the bag, it is a complete diet. We found that they do love grass lol. We also use DE in and around their coop. My real concern is whether or not we can still eat their eggs while they are sick. By sick I mean the comb issue, they do not appear to be affected at all by this issue and are laying regularly. Thank you in advance for any advice you can give me. Our future plans are to get more chicks so that we can sell the eggs.
Welcome to BYC and congratulations on your productive flock. Since fowl pox poses no threat to humans, I can see no reason to not eat the eggs.
Thank you sourland! I feel so much better now! Because we eat their eggs daily. Any suggestions on ointments? Or should I just leave it alone?
Welcome to BYC
Glad you joined us! You may want to dab each lesion once with Neosporin or dilute Betadine to prevent a secondary infection. Apart from that they'll just need time.
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