Introductions are in order, I believe.


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May 19, 2015
Central Florida

My name is Katie (Normally wouldn't post that on a forum site, but I think I'm among friends).

I got started on chickens when I was 16, I found a Cochin chick on my grandfather's farm that I absolutely fell in love with, so I brought him home and named him Ozziy. He was my baby. We played tag, and hide and seek, he would let me hold him like a baby, and would fly to my shoulder and sit there all day if I would let him.

But, he was a rooster and I lived in the city limits, so I had to take him back to the farm, where he promptly went missing. I went to see him every weekend. I swear, he knew what day it was because on Fridays he would start acting crazy to the point where my grandpa couldn't deal with him, but calmed down once I got there.

I cried my eyes out when grandpa called and told me he went missing, I even missed school to go out to the farm and search for my feather-baby, but he was gone. No blood, no feathers, no sign of what could have happened to him.

I promised myself I was never going to have another chicken, but I found out 6 years and 30+ chickens later that I was a dirty liar.

I have Barred Rocks, Austrolorps, Buff Orpingtons, and Lavendar Ameraucunas, and some bantam mixes. I've never loved chickens more than I do now, but Ozziy still holds a place in my heart.

My newest shoulder chicken is a Barred rooster that I've named Johnny, and the jerk that doesn't like me is Circles, my lavendar rooster.

Anyhow, I'm glad to be here among my fellow chicken-people, now I can stop annoying my friends with funny stories about my chickens, I find them funny anyway.
Hi Katie, welcome to BYC!

I loved your intro, your stories and descriptions of your experiences were great. I think most of us understand the eye-rolling that happens when we try to talk about the fuzz butts to non-chickeneers. You won't find that attitude here, we're all poultry crazed, lol.

It's nice to have you here, love to see photos of your birds sometime. Thanks for joining us!
Welcome to Backyard chickens. I really hoped Ozziy was going to find his way home to you. How sad. Many years ago I had a lone survivor Cocker pup so felt he needed a big name - I called him Ozymandias from a school book, his call name was Ozzie. Glad you are back to chickens and you have a good buddy Johnny.

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