IOC issues women's hockey warning


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Jul 31, 2008
here is the link

but here is a summary
IOC president Jacques Rogge said prior to Thursday’s gold-medal game that women’s hockey has to improve worldwide, or else.

“We cannot continue without improvement,” he said.

Women’s hockey at the Vancouver Olympics has played out basically the same way it did in the previous three Games. Canada and the U.S. dominated, and the rest of the teams were cannon fodder. Even before Rogge spoke out yesterday, there were whispers the IOC was going to look into the viability of the sport.


gimmie a break... becasue Canada and USA play the sport very well you may turf it? WTH(eck)

ok so should we also look in to these sports?

SUPER POWER (greater then 80% chance of winning)
Basketball - United States
Table Tennis - China

POWER (greater then 50% chance of winning)
American Football - United States
Badminton - China
Beach Volleyball - United States
Diving - China
Football - Brazil
Gymnastics - China
Ice Hockey - Canada
Marathons - Kenya


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Nov 23, 2009
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Now let's not forget that ITALY was the team who won the last World Cup.

I'm still doing a happy dance over that one.

Seriously though, if a country CHOOSES not to support a sport or their citizens that do it how can you punish those athletes in countries that do. That's what it boils down to for me. But, look at the list of sports for the Olympics... Bridge and Chess are both listed as sports that can be competed in... so there ya go.

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