Iowa Blue Cockerel in Michigan.


9 Years
Jan 28, 2014
Clinton Michigan
Kinda need to find this fellow a new home. Mom really doesn't want me to have roosters, and well, I'm more worried about just getting eggs from his sisters. I got them mostly to have something unique in my layer flock. Would like to set him up in a good situation with someone wanting him for his genes. But I'm not going to be too picky about where he ends up at.

Where in Michigan are you? How old is your Roo and what is his temperament?
I'm in Clinton Michigan, its just a little southwest of Ann Arbor. He is nine weeks old now. As far as his temperament, he's not really happy about getting picked up, but usually settles down fairly quick. I do have a toy Aussie Shepherd that loves to herd the flock around, and he seems to be pretty cool with her.

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