Iowa Winters and Ducks


Nov 28, 2018
Kellogg Iowa
My Ducks are running from me and I cant catch them. It's been-12 and they only get close enough to the door stupe to feed or get water but are very cautious. Pisses me off I cant herd the "2" of them into the garage at night like normal. Bout to get out the fishing net. I had one Peking Duck I named Miss.Gimpy that died a couple months ago from a deformaty like she was stepped on as a chick or dropped. Only Duck I ever seen that would watch TV with me.


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Herding ducks and Wrangling chickens
Jan 8, 2017
If you haven't already trained them to go in when called, your best bet is a net. You can still train them with mealworms or their favorite treat. My ducks favorite treat at the moment is field corn. And, herd them from behind. I keep their treats in a canister and shake it plus call "duckies" and my ducks come running. If not, I go up and round them up from behind. Initially I used a stick stretched out to guide them while walking behind them.
Miss Gimpy sounds like she was a sweetie. Sorry for your loss.
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Callender Girl

Crossing the Road
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Sep 18, 2018
North Central Iowa
Hello McIver,

Sounds like lovely weather over in Kellogg, too! I'm out by Callender -- near Fort Dodge.
What kind are your remaining ducks? My Indian runners are so food motivated that I can get them to follow me anywhere if they even hear me open the metal garbage can where I keep their feed. Also, they love grapes -- which I toss out as treats. They gladly trot into their night shelter when I yell, "House, house" because they know dinner awaits.

Having said that, I can't say I have ever cuddled any of them or watched TV with them (I'm jealous!). Most of mine were hand-raised by me, and they STILL don't want me to hold them. A couple of my older girls will allow me to pet them, but I only get to pick them up if someone traps himself or herself -- or if someone is injured.

One problem with ducks is that they have a higher tolerance for cold than most chickens (who thoughtfully put themselves to bed at my house -- most days). Do your ducks have a pool? Mine can't wait to get out of the shelter -- even on the coldest days -- to jump in their heated water dish to bathe. Can you lure them into the garage with the promise of bathing water?

Good luck with your contrary birds.


Jan 5, 2018
kansas city, mo
We have trained them that if we have our walking stick it means they have to go into the coop. We hand raised all of ours but only our drake Haku will come up to us, the girls we have to chase to catch. Don't be discouraged as ducks are not domesticated pets that love to be handled. Put their coop in a spot where they are forced to be tunneled into the coop if you herd them. An example of this can be putting it in a corner. We had to do that with our since they can be stupid at times.

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