iron in the water?


11 Years
May 15, 2008
upstate NY

I have well water, and it seems to have a lot of red residue which I assume is iron...I'm on my third batch of chicks, never had a loss until this time. Only one chick, at five days old, and all the others seem fine, so probably the water is ok for them. Still, you know how when you lose one you start trying to think of everything you might possibly have done or not done...when y'all talk about poly vi sol, it's always the kind without iron, so it started me wondering about the water.

Any opinions? I could buy water for the chicks, but it wouldn't be practical for the you think I need to worry about it?
The iron just makes them heavier and you can round them up with a big electromagnet!
No seriously, ours is like that and it hasn't hurt us or our animals.

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