Irregular egg shells?


11 Years
Aug 26, 2008
Lexington, Kentucky
My golden comet hen has finally started laying regularly. She lays a large light brown egg almost every single day! Some days the shell is perfectly smooth. But sometimes it's not. It has smooth ridges on reminds me of the plaster on a wall that has been repaired and smoothed over but not been flattened down properly, if that makes any sense. The shells are always very thin too. I put oyster shells in her feed, and I also let them free range for several hours every day. They're eating Dumor brand feed because I couldn't find anything else locally.

What do the ridges on the shells mean? Is there some other cheap supplements I can give to her? There are some pullets in the coop and run with her, so whatever she eats they will probably get a hold of as well...
there might be something internally wrong with her. But since she is laying some eggs perfectly she should be fine. Usually I see deformed eggs from starting pullets and old hens. I'm not very sure about getting a cheaper calcium but I fed Dumors before without any calcium and had no problem.
The deformed part is always the smaller half of the egg, if that means anything. Her eggs still look healthy on the inside and they taste great! She's the most voracious bird I've ever seen, so if something is internally wrong it apparently doesn't bother her too much. LOL. I don't know how old she is, I got her a couple months ago and she's a huge full grown hen.

So is it nothing to worry about? Just one of those things that happens?
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I had this problem for 2 1/2 eggs!
Really!?! Because all the birds I got from this guy have had mysterious symptoms, I was thinking they had CRD. This bird is the only one who hasn't gotten a runny nose or anything, maybe she's gained immunity somehow? Several of my birds have died despite Tylan. They got sick, two died and the rest recovered, and now they are randomly sick with the same symptoms again...

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