Is 30% protein to much????


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Jul 22, 2016
Saint James Missouri
I am feeding my birds a gamebird grower that has 30% protein in it. They are getting big really quick, they are only about 4 months old. So I don't know if it's the feed or just nature making them grow so fast. What I'm asking is, does the gamebird grower have to much protein in it for my birds?


7 Years
Beyond the waste factor you really can't feed too much protein in this case... The birds body will use what it needs and the rest will be expelled and any excess will make for more stinky poop...

Most game birds will sustain and grow more slowly on lower protein feed, while they will thrive and you will see optimal growth with higher protein feeds as you are seeing... Nothing wrong with the faster growth, it actually means your birds are thriving...

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