Is 4 wks old too young for hardboiled eggs?

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I'm re-posting as I mistakenly posted in diseases and got 0 feedback ;^ )
Also, one beautiful all black (legs and beak) is getting listless....should I try olive oil? I lost 5 chicks over a few wk period that all showed this same lethargic behavior. Poops are good. Please help this obvious newbie. Thanks, Donna
4 weeks is good for hard boiled eggs ... make sure they get some sand or grit to help them digest ... you can mash it up and add in a little yogurt too

eggs are healthy for them and yogurt is good for their digestive tract

add in some sugar to their water --- should help with the listless issue ---
also, around what temperature are they in and what do you normally feed them?

what is the olive oil for?
They are on medicated chick starter. Acv in their water at all times, yogurt twice weekly. Garlic powder in their feed daily, and temp has just been dropped from 95 to around 85-90 3 days ago. I just found them huddling so moved the 100 watt red lamps closer, around 3 ft away. I was afraid the listless chick has a crop problem, hence the drop of olive oil. He seems more active, but sort of isolating from the others a little. I have lost 5 chicks over a 2wk period, they wouldn't eat,drink or move. I'm paranoid now!
sounds like a good run of bad luck

if they were huddling together away from the lamp - it might to too hot under the lamp but slightly chilly away from it

i lost 2 chicks the same way --- where they wouldn't eat, drink or move --- i had assumed it was just stress

sounds to me like you are doing everything right --- i hope he recovers
Put a thermometer under the lamp to check out the temperature. At four weeks, the chicks should be comfortable at around 80 degrees. Electrolytes (available) at feed store, can also be added to water. Great for lethargic chicks. Dilute in water as described on the label.

Grated hard-boiled egg and yogurt are good as treats. But the medicated chick starter should be the mainstay of their diet. They shouldn't have crop problems at that age.

I do hope you don't loose any more chicks. Keep us posted.
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