Is a drop in humidity to like 17% for a period of time compromise the incubation?


6 Years
Jul 12, 2013
I check every morning to see what the humidity was at and I found that it was at 17%, so I added water immediately. However, I am concerned that maybe it was low all night until morning. I am not sure if it was 55% the night before. This was on Day 6. Does this mean that the embryos are dead or deformed if it was low humidity for possibly half the day?
Once they hit the outside they are exposed to whatever eggs that produce worms and other things that get them sick. Usually I feed a little medicated chick starter for a few days and then expose them to the dirt so they can become immune to outside germs like coccidiosis. The medicated feed only works if your chicks have not been vaccinated for coccidiosis. Yeah that thick wet black to brown soft poop is probably cecal poo and I believe it is normal. I am still paranoid and I have been raising chickens for only a year and a half. When your chickens die, you get more paranoid with abnormal stuff which we should be if we don't know everything that is normal.

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