Is a groundhog gonna be a problem???


9 Years
Apr 20, 2010
New Brunswick, Canada
This guy here moved in under our shed (under the chickens). Just found out a few minutes ago!!! we put extra fencing under the ground and everything. but it will be no match for this guy


Up close, the darn thing isn't scared either

How do I get rid of him???
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I'd set a trap and "rehome" him.

That's a groundhog? Is that a baby? Around here groundhogs (woodchucks) are 5 times the size!

ETA: We used to put a hose down the hole with some dishsoap and they'd usually leave. OR we'd let the dog dig at their hole for a while over a period of a few days and they usually packed up and left then too.
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as far as size, I don't know if its a baby or adult. its been awhile since ive seen one but yes it is a groundhog. they might not get as big out here either. hard to tell.
Any other ideas to chase him away? get rid of him. We don't have a cage, and its really under the shed so there are no holes, our shed is sitting on bricks so drowning it wont work. we got rid of our dog last year
would mothbals do anything?
I don't know if moth balls work - personally I hate the smell of those things and I can't see how they are safe. He's kind of cute though!
I wouldn't think a little groundhog would harm a chicken. My girls hang out with squirrels and chipmunks all day around the bird feeder.
Can he get INTO the shed from underneath?
They won't hurt the chickens because they aren't carnivorious and aren't aggressive by nature;but they can start holes for other animals that are and make it easy for them to get into your coop.You need to trap then in a box trap and either move them or take them out for the count.If you move them you are possible of giving someone else your problem.Once they move in you can expect more.Put an apple in the trap and check it regularly during the day.Do not leave it set at night because if you catch it and it gets out they will not go back into another cage.
i had a woodchuck living under my old coop for a couple of months never hurt chickens or egg but did eat there food so i sat on the roof of the coop an took care of him when he came out one day an yes i was up there for like 2hrs.hahahaha
A buddy of mine grinds them ( adds a little pork fat ) and then grills them it kina gives a whole new meaning to ground chuck LOL they are delicious
That looks more like a Columbia ground squirrel to me. They will not harm chickens directly but will create burrows for mice and rats to use that can bring in mites and lice, disease. You don't want hm around, cute as they are.

Honestly the hose idea will work if your persistent. He lives under your coop for the dry ground, they don't like the nest damp. Its not about drowning them, it's about making him pack up and leave. Like you out camping a whole week of rain really makes spirits damp and you move on, even if you planned to stay.

Urine works too apparently, have not tried this one. Mark your territory!
Mostly as an attractant most species want to see who else is in town they get used to the smell of human urine and come in after the food source any ways . Food source, shelter and reproduction these are the 3 reasons most get to interact with wildlife

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