Is an Alien about to pop through my hen's chest?

Does she normally hold her head off to one side like that, like she's leaning? Also does she normally keep her hear tucked in so tight to her shoulders? Has she been doing anything unusual lately? Sorry for all the questions but it's necessary.

The crop is normally on the left side of their chest. But it should basically never stick out so high, as in the pics; she may have crop impaction. A blocked crop or sourcrop (or any crop disorder really) is life threatening and needs treating. Gizzard blockage or impaction can also cause secondary crop impaction.

If you're not familiar with chicken anatomy, now is a good time to do some reading up, because if she has a blocked crop you're going to need to know how to deal with it; always best to know before the emergency situation arises when time is of the essence.

Best wishes.

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