Is anyone else waiting for a chick order? CHICK PICS!!


11 Years
Jan 26, 2008
I'm waiting for my very first hatchery order, which is shipping from Welp in New Mexico. They're due to ship Wednesday and hopefully will be here by Friday.

I ordered so many different breeds/colors, I don't know how I'm going to tell my 26 chicks from the 7 ordered for someone else.

My order;
1 Gold Laced Wyandotte (I already have 1)
3 Silver Laced Wyandottes
2 Blue Wyandottes
2 Buff Wyandottes
2 Gold Lakenvelders
2 Silver Lakenvelders
3 Welsummers
3 Ameraucanas
2 Blue Andalusian
3 Speckled Sussex
3 Barred Rocks

I have plenty to do to keep busy until Friday, but the wait is still hard.
I just hope I don't get an e-mail from Welp Wednesday saying this or that breed or color isn't available.
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I would love some more, but this late in the game makes it too cold to deal with. Here in Va. the a.m.'s are already cold and I have raynoids meaning my blood does not pump to far extremeties so I suffer in the cold weather. It's hard enough just to be able to go out and break the water for the 80 some that I do have...but it's worth it in the warmer months.
That is a great mix of birds! (and no.. I would be no help in sorting out which baby chick is which, sorry.)

I am waiting for an order but not sure what or when quite yet. I will be brooding 8 chicks for one of my co-workers. She hasn't placed the order yet. I think she is looking at Speckled Sussex and Columbian Wyandote, though.
I'm waiting for an order as well. I placed an order this weekend through Ideal Hatchery. They have an October sale going on, 25+ assortment of bantam chicks for only .99 each. So we are hoping to get a good variety. It was only about $35 total with shipping and everything. I am so excited I love getting random chicks and playing the guessing breeds game.
I have an order coming in from Ideal next week! Can't wait, I ordered 10 of the feather footed and 15 of the Ameraucana's. I hope I get blue eggs out of the deal. I've been taking my extra eggs to work and they're just crazy about the colors, I can't wait to introduce blue eggs to them.
I also have some chicks on order. They are due to be hatched Nov. 8 form M.P.C.
Waiting on
3 bared Plymouth Rocks
3 leghorns
2 Rhoad Island Reds
This will be my first time with chickens. I hope I dont mess up.
Gothchick... 1 Great Dane/Saint Bernard/English Mastiff mix

Now that sounds like an interesting dog. Picture please?

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