Is anyone having a problem with craigslist?

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    I posted about 12 things on craigslist yesterday. We have a lot of hens and chicks we are trying to sell. I got the verification emails last night that said they would be live on the site in about 15 minutes, so I went to bed. This morning I had not got any responses not even spam! I went to craigslist and discovered to my shock that my adds were not there. Neither was the one i posted earlier about herb plants for sale. I wondered how long that had been happening so I went back and did a search for our mule that was listed over a week ago. He is not on the site either. The adds will not come up in search results and are not listed the day they were posted. I tried to repost one and it said you can only post the same add once every three days. Please do not repost your add. If I log in to my account it shows all my adds. I do know one add went through about a week ago. A guy responded to it and bought a couple young doe rabbits.

    Has anyone had similar issues?

    Here are the links the email provides. The adds are real, they just do not show up on the site. What should I do? [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

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