Is day 1 when you set them or after 24 hrs?

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I have only incubated 5 times so far over the last couple of years. Each time I'm not sure when I start counting days, therefore I question when it is day 18 and time to stop turning them.

The eggs I have in the incubator right now were put in the afternoon of Feb 23rd. I have a Hovabator (Styrofoam). It is very good at maintaining temperature, but it took them until later that night to get up to the right temp. What day should I take them out of the turner?
Thanks. So Saturday is day 19? Hatch day is the 15th? I'm not trying to be a knucklehead, I've had very successful hatches in the past. I always worry when I start counting days that I’m taking them out of the turner on the wrong day.

Do you consider the time of the day you start them? How do you decide what counts as day 1?
I've only hatched twice, but I thought that the day you set the eggs is day 1 no matter how late you set them, figuring that way I had my chickens hatching on day 20, so they came early. I'd say if you set them late on Feb 23 then March 12 should be the last day to turn them and expect to hatch on the 14th or 15th.
Good luck, what kinds of babies are you expecting?
That makes sense. Thanks.

To answer Suechick...The eggs are a farmyard mix from someone near me who has a mix of good layers. I incubate every spring with my preschool. It has been very fun. I sell the chicks to people who want laying hens for eggs, never to someone as a novelty for Easter. I even do an interview! LOL.
I love the few that I have kept. I have five hens that lay very well. I live in the city or I would have a lot more.

I think this time might be a bit of a bust. When I went to pick up the eggs she told me she has 50 hens and one rooster! Can one rooster effectively cover 50 hens? It will be interesting to see how many are fertile.
I'm so glad I found this post, because I had the same question!

I put my very first batch of eggs in the 'bator at 1pm this afternoon, March 3rd.

So I take them out of the turner and go on lockdown when, March 21st around lunchtime?

Expect chicks to hatch March 24th, which is in 21 days?

(sorry not hijacking this thread, I promise!)

This is how I roll...

The minute they go into the 'bator, that's the start of Day 1. So all day long...that's Day 1.

24 hours later, that's the end of Day 1...the start of Day 2.
I don't count the entire day I set them, the following day at the same time I set is day one, one full day from set. I don't say morning set is one day and night set is day one the next day. I have a sticky note for each set and I note the time of day ie morning, mid morn, noon etc and 18 days from that set is when I stop turning and lockdown. From the time I set, the next 24 hours counts as one day.

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