Is duck fighting normal?

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by mattieferg, Dec 1, 2016.

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    Dec 1, 2016
    Hello! I have 6 ducks who are almost 4 months old. There are 4 females and 2 males. One of the males (Humphrey) is a small runner duck and the other (Kenny) is a large jumbo pekin. Starting a couple of days ago, the runner duck has been really aggressive toward the pekin. He has been chasing him and jumping on his back and biting him as well. I am starting to worry that the pekin may get injured. I know this is a display of dominance, but will it stop eventually? Or is there something I should do? Any suggestions would help! Thank you![​IMG]
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    Glad you are paying attention!

    Each situation is unique, so I cannot assure you one way or the other. Drakes can really injure each other, so you may need to separate the Runner at least some of the time. Drakes can also both jump on a duck (female) at the same time, injuring or in some cases, killing her.

    That said, in some flocks drakes coexist and things work out. There is a general rule of thumb that 3 females per male is a minimum. And there are all kinds of exceptions to that on both ends of the spectrum.

    Sometimes separating a drake for a few days can shake up the dynamic and help things settle down, sometimes it does not work.
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  3. The Drakes are young....Hormones are developing....Sometimes young Drakes get aggressive and want all the Hens even if the Hens prefer another Drake......You could separate the Runner for a few weeks? It might calm things down or it could cause him to really act out once he is allowed back into the flock?.....I currently have two Drakes living together...They are 8 months and no conflicts yet....I have a back up plan in place for when spring arrives and hormones start raging...Each Duck has their own personality...Hard to say if it will last or if the aggression will calm again?

    Good luck.....

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    Dec 1, 2016
    Thank y'all so much!
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    When we had 'all' our drakes (3 drakes + 1 crippled drake who did not participate in such nonsense as fighting), the two healthy male pekins became a 'group' who would gang-mate a female, and chase off or attack the cayuga male. Fortunately they never really injured each other (the pekin got scratched once but he deserved it, really) and most of the fights they end up just falling over and flapping their wings before one of them runs away.

    I'd separate one of them for peace in the flock.. maybe some more females are needed for later on (pekin drakes are notorious horndogs) so one hen doesn't get overmated.

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