Is Duramycin-10 safe?


11 Years
Aug 19, 2008
For Muscoveys? I have a sickness going through my flock and in the Desease section I've asked and some people say I should Treat EVERYONE... The package doesn't say anything bout ducks... Not sure what to do?..
if it's water soluable medicine... it's probably not safe for any ducks. Ducks drink alot more than chickens and most other fowl so they will overdose themselves.
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Okay, I'm going against DH's post up there.

We used Duramycin-10 for both chickens AND ducks. Thank god we only had ONE duck get sick. I brought her inside and kept her inside away from the others. I used Duramycin-10 and the vitamin/electrolyte packets. I only put a small amount of both in her water (I let her use the quart sized water container), and she only got it 3 times a day.

She did go off her feed for a while, but she did get better and everything worked out fine.
May I ask what the sickness is? Treating illness with random antibiotics can often times prove more damaging than good. If you know what the problem is, it might help others to offer a more appropriate medication.

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