is Egg size important?

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    Not sure if this is the correct topic to post under.

    Next spring we will be attempting to have one of our hens hatch some of our eggs. Once we start to collect eggs for this purpose does the size of the egg matter?

    We have 7 wyandottes and we get quite a variation if egg sizes from them. So should we only use the biggest eggs to get new hens that lay large eggs or does it not work that way with eggs?

    thanks in advance
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    I don't think it works that way. I incubate all sizes of eggs although some extra large eggs are double yolkers and are not ideal for hatching it's very rare for double yolks to produce two healthy chicks. As long as your eggs are of good quality shell, are clean and stored correctly before incubation they should be fine.

    Good luck with your egg adventure :frow
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    So what you're saying is "size doesn't matter?" [​IMG] Sorry I apologize for my sense of humor. I do agree though. Feed and health of chickens, I believe, has as much to do with egg quality as genetics. My understanding is though, when incubating, bantams or smaller eggs may develop quicker and hatch a day or so before a larger breed egg. That's what I have understood from all the reading I've done. And yes, Good luck!!
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    If your goal is to raise hens that lay a certain size egg than you select those eggs that meet your criteria. You are more apt to get hens that lay L eggs if daddy came from a L egg and momma lays a L egg.
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    Lol good sense of humour fine with me :gig

    Yes those factors should be taken Into account too. Sick parent birds will not produce good chicks.
    Yes bantams do tend to hatch earlier or that's my experience usually they start day 20 for me. But that said my last batch of eggs from all polish were different sized eggs but all hatched as normal starting on day 20. Nature is a wonderful thing.

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