Is eggs fertile?

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    May 25, 2010
    My jersey giant has went broody. I was looking for her for two days and I found her today. She has about 12 eggs under her. The thing is I got rid of my rooster about two weeks ago. What should I do right now. I heard eggs will explode if it is not fertile. What are the chance of the eggs are fertile?
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    There's a pretty good chance they are fertile. The hen will lay fertile eggs for up to 4 weeks, if she was being successfully mated.

    They can explode if left long enough, and there is no chick growing, and there are enough bacteria in the egg. But certainly not all infertile eggs will explode in 3 weeks of a broody sitting on them. I've never had one do it.

    You could wait about a week and candle them. Lots of info in the Incubating forum, including the stickies, about candling. Then you will know whether a chick is growing. I believe you can do it with an ordinary flashlight if it's bright enough -- I've never candled an egg, just read about it.
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    Some of them will be fertile at least. It has been known for an infertile egg to rot and the gases build up resulting in an 'explosion' but it's not the norm, generally they just won't hatch.

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