Is Frank really a pure Marans rooster??


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My Black Copper Marans rooster doesn't look quite like I think he should... Looked very nice when younger, but as he's gotten older, he developed strange traits.. He seems kind of mismatched and has earned the nickname "Frank" (Frankenstein).

He seems to be a bit top heavy and sits down often. None of the others learned to roost yet except one that I seperated from the group and put with the other chickens... I thought it was because they don't seem very smart, but now I'm wondering if they just follow this guy. He has larger bone than the others I have from the hatch, He has feathered feet, but they are overly feathered- feathers on his middle toes.


Here he is with some of the others from the same hatch:

Are they supposed to have two of the fleshy hanging things (wattles/lobes?) on each side of their faces? (LOL, sorry, I don't know the name-the other roo has two on each side, Frank has one on each side).

He doesn't walk quite like the others.. seems to kind of lean forward as he stands and walks. It's hard to describe, but I'll try to show it in the pictures below:


I don't intend to use any of the chickens from this hatch for breeding Marans... too many faults/flaws... I was just curious as to why Frank looks so odd!
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he does look rather different than any maran roos i've seen.. it almost looks like he could have turken genes in him? what do you think?
He is actually a heavier build than the others. He was significantly larger as a chick and still is bigger- I even asked the seller if he was from the same hatch.. his legs are much thicker too.. I've been suspicious that there could be a meat breed in there.. maybe cornish? I've read that the broilers can't stand for long periods and are not bred to reach maturity- their legs can't actually hold them? I thought that might explain his odd body structure.
I'm not sure how the weird neck relates though.

I might have been interested in another rooster, but it doesn't look like I have a suitable hen.. Of five copper Marans in this group, two have developed yellow on their feet, the other two have absolutely no copper, and then there's Frank!

gabrielle1976, LOL...
You gave me a chuckle on the fleshy hanging things. Yes, they are wattles, and they should only have one on each side. The rooster you're not questioning doesn't have two wattles on each side: he has wattles and earlobes. The ones in back are earlobes, and sometimes they are droopy. Frank's look more right, I think, though I've never had marans. Pretty roos!
Actually, he looks like he may have a touch of game fowl in there, though he could just be an ugly duckling. The feathered feet are fine- it just means that he is the French style of Maran.

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