Is having water inside the coop necessary


Aug 24, 2019
I have had difficulty with leaking waterers inside the coop and pulled it out. The girls go inside at about 8:30 9:00pm and the door auto closes. The door automatically then opens at 7:00am. Is it necessary to keep water in the coop under these conditions?

If so, what kind of waterer won't leak that they can use. They can't seem to get the water out of the cups where you have to peck at it. Outside I use a nipple waterer and although they get by with it, I am not loving it and am to sure they get enough water but...
I only have water out in the run. It's not a problem if they can't access to water in early morning in most cases, though I'd make exceptions for young chicks, or if your climate is very hot even early in the day.
Can you show a picture of the coop. Generally, I keep water out of coop to prevent leakage and dirt getting kicked into it. The waterer can sometimes be placed so the birds can extend head through a hole to get drink. Reduces mess they introduce to waterer and can make the waterer more accessible.
No you don't need to, since they can get out with the automatic door. I have water in the coop and run, which is open 24/7.

I've been using horizontal nipples exclusively for more than 3 years and have no problems with them getting enough water. I don't know where your located, I'm in NC and it gets pretty hot and humid.
No. It will just make a mess. They should have the food and water in the run.

If you don't have a good set up, I agree with that.

Saucer under the waterer when the chickens dribble, the nipples don't leak and the coop stays dry.

No waste feeder.

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