Is he leghorn??


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Aug 30, 2013
I'm new to chickens, but based on the description I've read he is a little big to be a leghorn. Cross between leghorn and another breed?
I tried to get a picture with him up against something of comparable size, but he wasn't being cooperative. To give you an idea, that is a 2X4 inches behind him.


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He's a white Rock. You're correct, leghorns are leaner, more streamlined and probably weigh half what this guy does! They also have different tail sets and white earlobes.
He is very meaty looking, isn't he? I get hesitant to post about eating birds if I'm not on the meat bird section, but if the OP were inclined to breed him and eat the cockerels, he looks like he'd throw some quite nice table birds!
Is the tail the difference? Everything else looks the same to me.

The problem with the internet is that we cannot put two live birds in front of you. The Leghorn is aroudn 4-6 pounds, while that fellow would tip the scales at 8 pounds and even more when he's mature.

The comb is different, the stance is radically different, the body shape different, the tail different, and so forth.
Again, if we had two birds side by side, your eye would see it. I've been looking at these birds and doing chores for hundreds and hundreds of White Rocks and White Leghorns since the late 1950's, so my eye is pretty darn accustomed to seeing the difference. LOL

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Thanks so much. Something told me he was a cross breed or something else entirely. His size for one, and it seems to me all the leghorn pictures I have seen, those birds stand taller (if that makes sense)

So, does anyone know the dominance of their genes if I were to breed with a barred rock? Would the chicks more likely be white or barred looking?
Only reason I ask is, that's what my hens are (barred rock)

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White Rocks breed true. Plymouth Rocks have many accepted varieties. White, Barred, Buff, Columbian, Silver Penciled, etc. Each must breed true.

If you put a White Rock over a Barred Rock you'd get some ghosting. Some would be faint, some would be more pronounced. If all you want is a stout meat bird and a pretty solid layer, it would make a great cross.
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