Is is a hen or roo?


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Aug 6, 2021

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I am trash at Brahmas. Please explain for us what makes you say male. I'm always eager to learn more!
Nah you're great, just a tricky bird! Here's the things I picked up on:
•Right away I noticed he's not a hatchery bird due to his build, this leads to much, much slower maturity rates
•Next I noticed his variety is isabel. This variety to my understanding is essentially partridge plus lavender. This means that the giveaway traits like black chest, colored saddle and shoulders on a partridge male would be the same just diluted. Notice he seems to be getting some color in the shoulders and has colored saddle feathers, some of which are likely pointed.

•Before a Brahma pullet reddens up/grows wattles at all, she should be completely feathered and much past this scrappy stage, cockerels on the other hand redden up during it.
•16 weeks would be really young for a pullet to redden up. Mine only started to lay/get red at around 26 weeks+ at the earliest.
•He overall has a masculine look and he has huge wattles for a Brahma. I had many cockerels with large wattles but no pullets/hens. I'm not saying wattle size is a dead giveaway but in conjunction with the other traits it's definitely an indicator!

I will look real silly if I'm wrong, but this is what I saw!

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