Is it a favorties thing?


9 Years
Apr 5, 2010
La Crosse, WI
My favorite EE loves to be held and petted and hugged and walked around with, but she is the lowest on the pecking order and is harrased hard by the other hens, especially her EE sister. I hear similar stories from other members all the time. Is it because I give her special attention that they harrass her?
i have the same thing and had wondered if it was because of the extra attention they get. but i've also wondered if they seek the extra attention because they are traumatized and just need a break.
every body needs a freind
My guess is that the chickens that become your "favorites" are those that have naturally more submissive personalities, which is why they will let you pick them up and pet them, etc. This same submissiveness also tends to land them at the bottom of the pecking order.

I just really don't think chickens are smart enough to notice that you give another chicken preferential treatment and then enact revenge.
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Yeah, my favorite hen when I was growing up (her name was Maggie, she was my baby and I miss her every day) was the sweetest girl in the coop, but everyone was so mean to her.
I hated it so much for her; for the longest time I was her only friend in the world.

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