Is it a lost cause!!!


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Feb 5, 2008
I went out to check the water level in my incubator today and found that the incubator was not working!! THe eggs were due to hatch Tuesday or Wednesday. When I told my hubby that the outlets outside weren't working he said it probably was because our 3 yrold son squirted water into the outlet on the front porch and flipped the breaker. SO the eggs have not been heated since Wednesday of last week. We flipped the breaker and got the incubator working again. I put the eggs back in, just in case. I do live in florida and we have had some hot days. What do you guys think? Is it a lost cause? I know stranger things have happened.
okay I candled them. I saw what was probably a chick in a couple of them, but no noticeable movement
Does this mean it is a lost cause. Would the movement be noticeable?
I'd let them in there for the full term. I candled some eggs recently just before they were due to hatch, and I didn't see any movement either. One by one I put th eggs in the fridge in my kitchen scrap container. I finally decided to open one to see what gives. There was a fully developed, live chick in there; it just didn't have room to move around. I snatched the rest out of the fridge and literally flung them back into the incubator. The hatch was poor, 3 out of 10. But considering what they'd been through, every one is a miracle. It's only a few more days for you, I'd wait and see.

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