Is it a quitter?


Apr 10, 2009
Upstate NY - Albany area
We are on day 19 and I had a couple of questionable eggs so I candled them. Everything looks good in all but 1. It is really dark inside and I can't see any movement or veining but there is no blood ring. Would that make it a quitter or is that normal for day 19 in duck eggs? I know when there is no veining and a blood ring is present that it's bad news but I haven't seen one without veining and without a blood ring.
Well I had DH take a look and he really felt it was a quitter so we opened it. I wasn't very happy when we opened it because it was the 3rd ancona we have lost this week. I am not experienced enough with hatching to figure out why this one died but I am upset because Anconas are my favorite. I am beginning to wonder if our Ancona isn't a good breeder or if it has more to do with the fact that she is breeding with a pekin but we are going to have to do some thinking about where we want to go from here. Bummer.
What were you running your temp and humidity at? Did you test your hygrometer before you began? I never realized how far off those things can be. They can ruin a hatch if they are reading incorrectly. So sorry for your loss.
I am running the temp right at 99.5 and the humidity is at 55%. I had the humidity a little lower the first week but the air cells were getting big too fast. I am not too unhappy with the amount of loss so far. We set 33 originally, 2 were clears and were removed on day 10. The 3 that had started but were lost were all lost in the last week and were all anconas. I am wondering if it is something to do with the ancona duck I have or if its just coincidence that all 3 were anconas.

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