is it a respiratory infection?


Apr 21, 2015
My rooster reasontly started breathing funny, and when he crows it's like a donkey sound. I put garlic in his water in hopes that it would help but another chicken took it out of the water. He eats fine still, his voice is just shot and sounds muffled at times. Any suggestions as to what he might have? How would I treat it? (I live in a cold area)
This does sound like a respiratory ailment. I would get him on some antibiotics soon.

You might try some Doxycycline on him. This stuff works well on soft tissue infections along with respiratory ailments. If he has some sort of laryngitis, which roosters can get, this will help with this as well.

As with any of the cyclines, use RO water or distilled water as any hardness in the water renders this antibiotic useless.
Good point about cyclines and water. Also probably a good idea to avoid supplements with calcium as the calcium can bind with the antibiotic and make it less effective.

X2 Kathy, no epsom salts baths as they contain magnesium, hold off on all dairy, (yogurts, cheese, etc) as these will bind to the meds as well.

When you have a mixed flock, a flock raiser type feed is best or even chick starter will work as the high calcium in the layer feed can destroy the kidneys of the roosters over time. Some people do feed it anyway and some roosters are not all that bothered. But I prefer to feed something without all that calcium.
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BUT...if he is not eating much chicken feed, as some birds do go off their feed while sick, feed him what ever he will eat until he is healed. Things like hard boiled eggs, meal worms, fruits, veggies, etc.... They don't heal well if they are not interested in eating much. I have kept sick birds alive on all kinds of foods they will eat while healing and have gone long periods of time on these foods while they healed.

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