Is it a WHOLE-NUTHER BALLGAME when you add real eggs to a new bator?


9 Years
Jan 16, 2011
SE, Louisiana
Suppose I finish the "build" portion my incubator and, I tweak and adjust temperatures and humidity until I have it lined out perfectly. Then, after a week of maintaining good control, I ADD EGGS! I know for a little while there could be some flucuations until everything lines back out.

Or, will the effect of adding eggs change the environment inside the incubator so drastically that I will have to start making major adjustments all over again? Is there something I could do to best simulate the same effect eggs would have inside the incubator?
Tweak your bator to get the temps/humidity stable without the eggs. Always when adding the eggs the temps and humidity levels will go down but should rise back to the correct temps within hours or a day.
Things WILL change when you set the eggs. Wait 24 hours to futz with things, though. By then the eggs will have reached 'bator temp, and if it's too high or two low, you can make changes then. If you start to adjust things before the eggs are stabilized, you will be tweaking things all the time and get very frustrated.

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