Is it because of the cold...

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    that I am seeing a LOT more red mites/lice on my birds?? I've never really had a problem before, but I noticed some chicks had some mites/lice and were acting a little lethargic so I bathed them and dusted and the mites just fell off... they were red mites? I spent my afternoon dusting EVERY SINGLE BIRD I own and dusting the coops/runs/nesting boxes as well and have two little chicks in the "sick ward" in my living room because they seemed a bit tired after all the excitement... thank God it is not some type of respiratory or communicable illness, but seeing those little parasites on my babies had me seeing [​IMG]
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    They get worse because of the humidity and the birds aren't dust bathing as much as they do in the summer. [​IMG] Yes dusting is the best way, if you get on a good treatment regime for a month or two you can usually get their numbers knocked down well enough they won't be a problem for several months, at least until spring [​IMG]

    Also make sure you dust nest boxes and roosts.
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    Thanks! Took me about an hour to dust everything and now all that's left is the big brooder but it is empty of chicklets at the moment so no big rush on it... the two in the sick ward are fighting over the food this morning... I'll take that as a good sign! [​IMG]
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