Is it better to build your coop in the sun or the shade?

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    Mar 6, 2011

    I live in Southern California and the place I wanted to put my coop is next to a fence where it would be in the shade all day. I thought the chickens might get too cold or be too damp there so I was going to pull it out a few feet from the fence so it would be in the sun. Then I read on these boards that chickens have a harder time dealing with the heat than the cold, but that they don't do well with the damp. Where should I put the coop? Would they more comfortable and healthier in the shade or the sun? As I mentioned, I live in Southern California. We have pretty temperate weather but we get some pretty hot weeks throughout the year and some cool nights as well. It only gets down to freezing at night a week or two out of the year max. We also get some humidity. Any advice or tips would be greatly appreciated. I've never had chickens and this is all new to me.

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    i dont think it would matter where the coop is placed, as long as it has proper ventilation so the air will circulate during the hot summer days, and could be draft free during the cool winters
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  4. SHADE! DEFINITELY! That way their waterer won't soak up the heat. Most chickens I've owned do fine in the cold, but hate the heat. If you think about it, they have to pant or drink cold water to cool off under all those feathers. In the winter, the leaves are all going to fall off the shade tree anyways, so the coop will get some sun.
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    Quote:I have a roofed coop that is open on all four sides (hardware cloth only). It gets afternoon sun, and it gets too hot to use in the Texas summer. Ventilation can't solve all heat problems.

    I sited my next coop in the shade. Even though it's a conventional closed coop with adequate ventilation, the shade has made all the difference.
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    I definitely vote for the shady location. I live in NW Florida and we built our coop in deep shade with a complete metal roof. It really gets hot here, so we were trying to keep them as cool as possible [​IMG]

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