Is it better to make your own chicken feed?

I don't know... this will be interesting to see.
I used to make my own dog food (when I was showing)...

How would you make it? Do you have a list of ingredients? Ratios to go by (protein, fat, etc)?
I found several good looking recipes on this site, they have millet, grain, pumpkin seeds, a wide variety of options. I like the idea a lot, but haven't read why it's a better option than buying organic grain. From what I've read it doesn't seem to be cheaper. Curious to see what the experts say

Somehow I posted twice - here's a response I got:

30 lb recipe:

3 lb alfalfa meal
5 lb rolled oats
2 lb organic cracked corn
4 lb millet
6 lb white wheat
2 lb black oil sunflower seeds
2 lb pumpkin seeds
2 lb unsalted peanuts
2 lb split peas
1 lb Nyjer thistle seeds
1 lb flax seeds
1/4 lb sea salt
1/4 lb kelp meal
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I'm pretty sure we can get just about everything at Cennex, our local feed store, and our food co-op. Wow, you must have your hands full with all those animals!
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I do, but my college degree (before getting my teacher certificate) was microbiology/vet medicine.... Thankfully, I know where to stop (except for the chicken math).
Other than my lovely, crazy, and goofy chickens that will make me belly laugh (good for the soul)... My bearded dragon has become my favorite pet. She is the cleanest, sweetest, and least demanding of everyone.

My students always tell me I have a zoo, but that would involve lions, tigers, and zebra... so I will settle for "farm" .... I always wanted to be a farmer.
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I'd be curious what the ME of the diet, amino acid breakdown of the diet, and cost would be.

Just the opinion of an old farm boy,but......if it were cheaper or easier farmers would never buy feed from a mill/feed store. As pointed out above,the correct ratios,digestability,protein,fat and nutrient content is a science unto itself. Of course farmers are making a living with their livestock and have to have the best feed for cost vs production. Backyard enthusiasts can be less concerned with that equation but you still want the best you can afford.

I realise this topic is directed toward the "organic" crowd and i won't get into that except to say that route will never be "cost effective". You go there strictly because of personal convictions. What we do,and seems to work fairly well is to grow our own grain crops(millet,sunflower,sorghum,etc)to blend and feed in conjunction to purchased feed as an "extender". We live on 3/4 acre and do this alongside our veggie garden so it's not a big operation bit it helps on expenses.


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