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Mar 10, 2014
While waiting not so patiently for my husband to finish the coop and run my chicks on hold with the breeder are getting bigger. I am guessing around 10-12 weeks old and holding. Is there an advantage to the chicks being younger to getting them a little older? I could maybe request babies if there is an advantage.
I think with babies , you bond better with them and they are less frightened and more friendly when they are older. If that is a concern, then I would get younger ones. BUT.... 12 week olds are closer to laying, larger, fully feathered therefore require no extra heat or "baby equipment".

When I started, I started with laying hens. I wasn't interested in babies at all. One hen hatched one egg and then I purchased a second baby from the feed store; mama hen is raising both as her own; so again, I don't have to use heat. They are outside in the coop with the flock and we haven't had any issues at all. I feel like I "know" the babies better than I know the adult birds.
It's personal preference.

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