Is it common for a RIR chicken to share a nest with a Muscovy duck?

Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by reveriereptile, Jul 2, 2008.

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    I've had two muscovy ducks nesting for a while. One just had her babies hatch yesterday. The other was a week later when she started to nest. No matter how many extra nests we have the chickens like the ones the ducks are using especially the last duck to nest. The chickens would go in and lay an egg anytime the duck was out eating or sometimes they would lay the egg on top of the duck. I had been removing the chicken eggs out of the nest. One of my RIR hens after about 2 weeks of the duck nesting started staying in the nest with the duck. Not really much room in the nest though for both. There aren't any other chicken eggs in the nest but I'm assuming she thinks those duck eggs are hers. I've heard RIRs aren't all that broody. One thing I was wondering about is if any of the eggs hatch what the birds will do. I'm not sure if they will hatch though since the chickens were fighting over the nest with the duck so they might of got knocked around a lot. Some of the eggs I have picked up that were out of the nest and threw away since they weren't warm.


    Here is a picture of the other duck's babies. She had 11 hatch. Started out with 17 eggs but she pushed them out when they turned bad and had 13 eggs a few days ago. The bald area on her wing is from the male duck and the roosters trying to breed her.
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    I'll be very interested to hear responses. My RIR bug my setting Pekins. Are they maybe just too lazy to set their own eggs and trying to use the broody duck? We fight off all the chickens that pester the ducks. They often think there is food over there. We just call chicky and they come off her. CUTE BABIES! [​IMG]
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    Those babies are toooooo cute!
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    Those are some stubborn little dinosaurs!

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