Is it common for all hens to stop laying at once?

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Dec 12, 2019
South Louisiana
I've got 4 RIR/Leghorn mixes. All 4 have been laying for a few months now (their first year). I was getting 3-4 a day like clockwork.

Late last week, all 4 quite laying starting the exact same day and haven't had a single egg since then.

Is that common?
Im not sure that all at once is common but it can happen. With the days being shorter and such. They do stop laying in winter. But if they show signs of stress or illness this could be another problem all together. But most likely just the change in the daylight.
Shortening day light period can have an impact on egg laying - generally in birds older than yours. For all four to stop on the same day makes me wonder if there was any change in husbandry practices. Water shortage, feed change, feed shortage, predator attack -----------
Only thing I can think of was around that time I went to go change out water and it was bone dry (which is odd for them). Since then I have checked it more often and haven't had a problem.
Possible that the lack of water, even for a day, might stop things cold.
But I'd be more inclined to think they found a new nesting you free range?
No, ever since hurricanes Laura and Delta, they have been confined to their coop and run until we can put the fence back up.

Btw, if anyone is in need of a small coop design that can stand up to 150+ mph winds let me know! Haha

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