Is it dead?


8 Years
Jun 5, 2011
Hi! This is my first hatch. I incubated 6 eggs. The first egg hatched 4 days early, second egg 3 days early, third and fourth egg 2 days early, fifth egg 1 day early. Today is exposed to be hatch day. Egg #6 still hasn't pipped. I was thinking it's dead so I decided to candle it. I did and I could tell something was in there and I could tell it wasn't as big as it should be and I didn't see any movement and from the beginning the air sac has been to the side. Is it dead? Should I toss it or should I wait? Wouldn't it stink if it were dead?
Personally, I wouldn't do anything til it was a day late from hatch.

At that point, I would do the water test and check for movement via ripples in the water.

However, having said that, I haven't had a successful hatch yet (Attempt #2 is due tomorrow, and I have high hopes though).
Just wait
congratulations on an excellent hatch rate!! Five out of six is great! Since your hatch is so staggered, I think waiting another 24 hours would be wise, and then try the water test. Would be way cool to have a 100% hatch rate on your first try!
btw, I love you chickie avatar!
Thanks! That is my Ameraucana named Gypsy! She is now almost 16 weeks old! Can't wait for an egg from her!
If it still is alive, wouldn't doing the water test get water through the pores of the eggs and drown it? And if not, how do I do the water test? Thanks.
Hi all!
I'm new to this and hatching eggs my batch of 4. 1 hatched a day early and the other 2 hatched the correct day but my fourth egg no hatch
iv left number 4 in the incubator it is now 2 days late iv just canceled it and there's something in there but no movement and the air sac has taken up half the egg
Can someone please tell me what's happening coz I'm getting slightly worried.
Thanks all!
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Thanks pete iv read it and kind of understood it but the egg is late by 2 days is there a possibility she can still hatch even if she's 2 days late?

Thanks cooka

3 dogs , 3 chicks 2 ducks 2 chickens
It can be a late hatch but try holding the air cell end to yuor ear and listen for a regular clicking noise which is the chick breathing. Yoy could also candle it and observe the shadows for movement.


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