Is it illegal to sell Cayugas?


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Feb 7, 2013
So, I'm wondering if there is anyway to find out if it's illegal to sell Cayugas? I have 18 ducklings that I incubated, ready to go at 6 weeks...and checked in with my local feed store. The owner said he had 3 adult Cayugas for sale & someone told him he was breaking the law by selling them? Any advice on that? Where to check in with an official "Cayuga Association" to find out the facts? I've googled but can't find anything other than "opinions".
What country, state, city is the feed store in? The US govn't doesn't prohibit the sale of Cayugas--it is not protected by the migratory birds act. Some states regulate the sale of ducklings to prevent the spread of diseases. Some cities regulate the sale of fowl and prohibit the sale of chicks and ducklings that have been dyed. If it is in the US, it sounds like a clueless person trying to sound important.
I ordered Cayugas from a Missouri hatchery a few weeks back. A lot of hatcheries all over the country had them availible. I don't think there are limits with selling them. Good luck
Thanks so much guys! I've searched & searched on the internet...but can't find a single thing that backs it up. I'll try to make some calls to NC Ag Dept tomorrow when I'm off work to fact check.

A funny for ya'll...alll the drive home from feed store before I could Google...I'm visualizing how my Husband is going to "kill me" if I can't sell all these ducklings! lolol I told him the story, so now we joke that I'm the "Duck-Shiner" (as in Moon-Shiner). I will find out more info & update when I do. Thanks everyone!

p.s. Anyone in NC want some great Cayugas? :) Getting ready to sex them...
Update: I checked with NC Ag Dept, and the American Livestock Breeds Conservatory (which they are listed as "endangered" on)...everyone agreed that it's perfectly legal to sell Cayugas. Having all the lit'l ones sexed this weekend & will post an ad. Thanks ya'll!
I think the Breeds Conservatory lists them as endangered because there aren't very many people who are breeding them. I think that's what they base their status on. In other words, the breed itself is endangered because there aren't enough people breeding purebred strains of them to sustain the breed. It's not the same as when wildlife is endangered.

So, if you're breeding them, it's a good thing.

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