Is it just a pekin thing!?


Off to another pond
11 Years
Nov 4, 2008
well, after several months of putting up with my Crested pekin, Big Lennies aggression issues with the other ducks, I've decided that, as much as I hate it, next auction, he's going, he WAS an auction rescue, but now he's going back, he has nearly not only nearly killed my mallard hens on several occasions, by trying to mate them and sliding down onto their heads and just LAYING there, STILL trying to mate, he has nearly killed a couple of the call drakes by trying to mate with THEM and pushing their heads into the mud, AND he nearly broken my hen gooses neck the other week by chasing her behind the nest house thingy, and lodging her into the corner.

but now, it seems, that Boris, who is around 8 months old now, has recently discovered his hormones, and has already collected his own little flock of girls(Sage,Junna, and Jumper) who stick with him, HE has recently started to get aggressive, he's not so bad with the hens, but he's taken to chasing the geese, and fighting with the other drakes, he does chase the mallard hens, but gets bored after a while.

he's not going anywhere unless he gets REAL bad,Becca wouldn't aloow it LOL

but is that just a pekin thing?, none of the other drakes are that bad.

I've always heard pekins are abit nutty once they hit the hormonal stage, but I didn't realize they got that bad LOL
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