Is it normal for a chicken to moult in the winter?


Sep 24, 2019
Spotsylvania, Virginia
Hey, ya'll! I have a chicken who is currently molting. It's the end of November and temperatures have been getting down to 30 degrees Fahrenheit at night. Her whole neck is exposed and she has been losing a lot of her saddle feathers. The reason I am asking this is because we lost a chicken last year. She was molting as well and she froze to death. I know now that we should have done something more to help her, but I always thought that chickens are supposed to molt in warmer weather. This is my second year raising chickens, so any help would be appreciated.

Thank you!
My three EE hens are all molting right now too. One of them also looks pretty unkempt, but she's keeping up with the flock just fine.
Earlier this fall my one year old EE hen was molting, and being picked on, and sick. I think the molting happened, not related to her illness, and death. Seems to have been a heart problem, far as I could tell. Birds will die, sometimes after being obviously unwell, and sometimes suddenly, at any age.
The one who is molting is a Plymouth rock.
My Barred Rock, (Curly) is first to molt this season.
She was last to molt last season.

These photos were taken last February, 1st and 2nd respectively. GC

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