Is it ok to move a broody off her nest?


9 Years
May 4, 2010
Will she go back to her eggs? I just want to MAKE SURE she is getting food and water. I just want to make sure if I move her off her nest, she'll go back to her eggs.
Yes, that's fine. If she doesn't go back to her eggs, she probably wasn't broody to begin with.
She may stay off for a few minutes and even get a dust bath, but you can bet she'll make her way back to those eggs.
My broody is not hatching, but is still dedicated to her nest. I take her off twice a day to get out and run around and she always goes back to the next, usually within 30 minutes
One thing that I noticed with my broody hen was that she did leave the nest once in a while to eat and drink and poo, but if she was off the nest for more than 5 minutes my rooster would chase her back to the nest. He seemed to always know just how long it had been and was very insistent that she get back to where she belonged. Has anyone else noticed this?
We actually just moved an entire nest (7 eggs), hen and 10 hatched chicks to a "safe" location. She went missing for quite a while, we finally found her--on the top of a stacked pile of hay in the loft... After the move she ate and drank, then settled right back on her nest. Ended up hatching 2 more eggs, and is now a great momma to her little brood.
I never had problems moving any until last week.I finaly found my AWOL giant frizzle hen.She was hiding in the dry creek bed.She had a nest of 17 eggs!.I got worried that a hard rain would surely do them in.I fixed her up a nice box in same pen with other sitting frizzle hen.She would not have anything to do with the egg's.She rolled out 3 and broke them.I gotthe egg's up and candled them and put the ones that looked good in incubator.Most hen's do well moving them I dunno what was up with her.

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