Is it okay for chickens to eat grapes before they are ripe?


Jun 14, 2022
Truth or Consequences, NM (high desert)
My Coop
My Coop
My chickens are almost 19 weeks old and are free-ranging all day long, all over my yard. I have a grapevine that has a lot of grape clusters growing, but they aren't ripe yet. The chickens have just discovered this area in the yard, it's the best place for the chickens, and they love it. The vine is in front of a fence, and I've leaned a 3-foot tall dog x-pen in front of it, my swamp cooler has a hose that drains water into the grape area from time to time. So the chickens are protected from overhead predators when they are in the grapevine area, it's cool in the shade and has semi-damp dirt on our very hot days, and they love to eat the grapes and leaves. Since they've found this place, they spend most of their day there. But I'm a bit worried about them eating the sour grapes. What do you think? (Second photo is from last year when I didn't cut back the vines as much.)

Grapes the end of May 2021.jpg
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