Is it okay NOT to candle eggs?

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by kcdef, May 8, 2017.

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    Dec 8, 2015
    Is it okay if I do NOT candle my eggs throughout the incubation process? Is this an absolute must to make sure that "bad eggs" don't contaminate the rest or something? I have about 30 eggs in 1 incubator, and the thought of candling each one, losing heat, humidity, handling that many eggs, etc. makes me nervous that I might do more damage than good!
    (This question isn't only for chicken eggs, I also have an incubator going with pheasant and with guinea eggs. Just in case that makes any difference!)
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    Think about it like this - a broody hens gets off her eggs to eat, dust bathe, poo etc almost every day. It's not a problem, and actually quite natural for eggs to cool for short periods of time. The Brinsea incubators have a specific function to do precisely this (not that I've ever used it). I'd rather remove clear eggs than having them explode - that would not be amusing.
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    You don't HAVE to candle your eggs... I candle because it fascinates me to see how they are developing. I'd also rather get the dead or non-developed eggs out of the incubator or nest rather than take a chance on one contaminating the whole bunch. But this is your hatch, and you can manage it in the way you're most comfortable.
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    Is it necessary, no. Can it be beneficial, yes. Especially if you are new to hatching and trying to figure out what humidity works best, using the air cells as a guide. However, you don't have to candle all the eggs in one setting. You can candle 5-10 eggs one night, and another group another night, just to gage growth and air cell development. I personally like candling. But, if handling eggs makes you nervous, you won't get the same thrill some of us do by seeing the development. Do what's comfortable for you.
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